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we let go of winter and reel in a fish story

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdView full sizeChris Stephens l The Plain DealerThe Rod and Reel, a small stucco inn on the northern tip of Anna Maria Island, is a throwback to old Florida.Big shark, like the 1,200 pound, imaginary predator that chases me through my snorkeling dreams and almost always swims through the 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron back of my mind when I step into the aqua blue ocean waters I so crave during Ohio winters.That's all I could think when I saw the tip of my husband's fishing rod plunge toward the water off the Rod and Reel Pier.We are not fishermen, my husband and I. Not by many fishermen's standards, anyway.I grew up in rural Ohio long before Google connected cornfields to the larger world. To pass summer afternoons, I'd dig up a handful of night crawlers and head to a neighbor's tiny pond where Proviron Crashing Estrogen I'd pull up and throw back a couple dozen bluegills, half convinced the fish only bit my hook because they were as bored and lonely as I was.My husband, William, had more experience. When he was a boy, his father, grandfather and he spent summer weeks at Lakeside hauling in enough perch from Lake Erie daily to feed the family. But that was 25 years ago and 1,200 miles away.Now we stood where Tampa Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico, using fish the size of bluegills and perch as bait.View full sizeKen Marshall, The Plain DealerWhatever William had on his hook Generika Levitra screamed away from the pier, unfurling his fishing line much faster than he could reel it in.Before William and I married, I told my husband to be not to worry about buying me a big diamond ring. What would make me a happy wife and what would almost certainly help keep our marriage strong was a solemn pledge to fly us away from interminably gray, snow covered "Anadrol 50" Cleveland every winter.For a decade, he kept that pledge. Aruba; Tortola in the British Virgin Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; St. Virgin Islands; Jamaica. Then the economy collapsed. We fared better than many, holding on to our jobs in 2008 by taking a 13 percent pay cut. But we both knew luxuries like our winter trips were gone.We grumbled through a bitter cold January 2009. February's gloom left us each short tempered. By St. Patrick's Day, we had enough and began looking for a cheaper tropical escape and some moonlighting work to pay for it.Like so many Ohioans, we quickly zeroed in on Florida, a fairly straight shot south on interstates. After some research, we settled on Anna Maria Island in particular, one of several keys that run between Sarasota and Tampa. White sand beaches. Gentle Gulf surf. And, unlike so much of Florida's coasts, no high rises.Sunup to sundown at the Rod and ReelA crowd, apparently sensing excitement on the pier, quickly began gathering around William.View full sizeChris Stephens l The Plain DealerA lone angler casts a line Primobolan En Zweten shortly after sunset on "Oxandrolone Powder India" the Rod Reel Pier. The rickety wooden pier is a haven for those who enjoy catching and eating seafood."Rod Generika Levitra tip up, rod tip up," a more experienced angler Sustanon 250 3rd Week chided, moving others out of the way so William could walk along the back edge of the pier to wrangle the sea monster at the end of his line.